Exercise at home to lose weight

To improve your body, fit, healthy, you need to exercise. If classes at the gym are not impossible for some reason, training to lose weight at home is also appropriate. When professional trainers are asked about exercise, the answer is always the same: effective exercise at home to lose weight is what you do!

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly is very important to avoid weight gain. Basic principles: Increase calories from what you eat. Experienced sports trainers will create effective exercise plans to lose weight at home. Such programs must include aerobics, power load, warm-up and stretching. When done properly and in an orderly manner, training will yield results.

The body needs movement to function properly. Effective exercise to lose weight at home can change your body shape as well as exercise in the gym. The larger the muscle volume, the faster the metabolism and the faster calories are burned. Ooganism consumes large amounts of energy to maintain muscle mass. But even while eating, walking or sleeping, calories are removed and fat is burned.

Benefits of exercising at home to lose weight:

  1. Restoration of bodily functions.
  2. Disease treatment.
  3. Fast fat burning.
  4. Thin muscles for great physical shape.
  5. Removal of "problem area".
  6. Increased endurance and strong heart muscle.
  7. Psychological relaxation.

To start the regimen of combating excess fat, a standard exercise lasts for 30 minutes with a break between sets of 30-60 seconds.

By exercising at home, you can achieve a slim body and pump.

Home Exercise Requirements

Before starting a class, you need to improve your weight and volume indicators.

Measure the volume:

  • one arm at armpit level;
  • waist at the narrowest point;
  • hips at their widest point, while covering the legs.

Measurements are taken and weighed once a week.

Inventory: gym mats, rubber bands, fitball balls, jump straps, body bars and dumbbells. For starters, a 1 kg dumbbell is suitable for use in training, after a pair of exercises, increase the weight by 1 kg. Exercising at home to lose weight for girls allows the weight of dumbbells in one hand - 4 kg. If you can't use the rope, jump without it.

When asked by beginners about the type of exercise machine to buy for the home, experienced trainees advise that there should be no orbit track, treadmill or exercise bike. For weight loss training at home, jump rope is enough. If you are motivated to use it for a few minutes a day, then it makes sense to think of buying a complete exercise machine.


Home slimming exercises begin with warm-up to refresh. Exercise for home - light jump, walk or run in place for 6 minutes.

After warming up, stretch large muscle groups in the legs, arms and back.

Stretching the anterior thigh muscles: Stand up straight, bend the right knee, and pull the right hand toward the back. Repeat with the left foot.

Stretch the back of the thigh: With your legs wide, bend your right leg at the knee and bend to the left flat. Stretch to the other side.

Stretching the muscles of the back, sides and abdomen, a set of exercises to lose weight at home:

  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, reaching as far as possible with your hands to your toes.
  2. Spread your legs wide, cover your hands with the locks above your head, and lower them in front of you at eye level. In this case, round your back. Lift the arms above your head and bend at the lower back.
  3. Grasp the right wrist with the left hand, pull as much as possible and lean to the right. Repeat on the left. Lower your hands smoothly through the sides, open the shoulder belt as much as possible.

Slimming Training at Home: Guidelines

People think that training at home to lose weight is only suitable for newcomers, but this is not the case. Exercise at home includes full load on the lower and upper body, abs and back. Do exercise at home every day, at least 5 days a week.

Home Slimming is an interval training session with "metabolic effects". This means high speed and high intensity endurance training, with alternating strength and fast aerobic exercise. For several hours after exercise, fat burning is accelerated and weight loss continues. Consider interval fitness training.

Aerobic Exercise

For rapid weight loss, in addition to relaxing muscles, it is necessary to develop heart muscle. Aerobic exercise to lose weight at home is called "cardio" - the heart begins to work at full strength, shortness of breath and swelling of the body disappears. Blood is saturated with oxygen, calories are burned and a weight loss regimen begins.

Cardio training involves exercising at the same rate for 30 minutes or more:

  • is ​​running;
  • runs fast;
  • jump;
  • swim;
  • cardio training.

For maximum results, athletes do weight loss exercises at home aerobics 5-7 days a week.

Aerobic exercise in orbit tracks

Homework Weight Loss Strength

Quadriceps femoris

Squat Plié Berat

Take a dumbbell weighing 5 kg or more at the base with both hands and stand up straight, stretch your legs wide, bend your knees slightly. Socks show the same direction as the knees.

Do plie:

  1. As you inhale, slowly bend your knees and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hands do not move.
  2. Focus on the heel, slowly return to the SP as you exhale.

It is important to keep the back straight to avoid injury.

Front Swing

Stand with your left side to the chair, holding your back with your left hand. Place the right palm on the thigh.

Technique: lift right leg straight forward slowly, slowly lower back (do not throw, tense muscles). Exercises work on the front of the thighs. Do it 12 times, repeating with the left foot.

Abs, quadriceps: "climber"

Assume push-up posture, weight on palms and feet. Pull your right knee to the chest, place the right foot on the toe under the thigh.

Technique: change legs abruptly by jumping - straighten the right leg and bend the left leg, like a climber. Repeat swiftly for 30 seconds.

Gluteal muscle: half bridge

Lying on a mat on your back, arms along torso, knees bent, feet shoulder-width apart.

While exhaling, lean on your heels, lift your hips off the floor. Hold your back straight and hold for a moment. While inhaling, slowly return to PI.

You will have difficulty training if you focus on one leg and lift the other with the hips.

Back lungs - alternating with both legs.

While standing, place the chair to the left, holding the chair with the left hand. Lower your right hand.


  1. Lift the right leg backwards, while bending the left to the knee at a 90-degree angle. Bend your right arm to the elbow. The knee of the right foot faces the floor.
  2. Push with your right foot and swing forward, straightening your right leg and arm.

Repeat 10 times, turn right to the chair and move the left leg.

Kidnapper: Walking with rubber band

Standing, legs slightly bent, elastic gymnastics stretched around the knees. The back is straight, the head and neck are directed upwards.

Technique: stepping on one side of the leg bent, elastic is always tense. Placing it on the ankle instead of the knee will make the exercise more difficult.

Elastic fitness line

Calves: Weight Loss

Exercises require additional equipment: boards are attached to the floor and body bars.

Stand on a board (or a useful stable object up to 3 cm high) with half your feet. Knee straight, heels fixed on the floor. Keep the body bar (or barbell) on your shoulders, your back straight.

Exercise: Stand on your toes, rotate your ankles to the board and lift your heels off the floor. Return to IP.

Knee and back straight, calves and ankles function.

If there are no hard boards or exercises, do a heel roll to the foot on the floor.


Fitball is required. Lying on your back, place your calves on the fitball ball so that when you move the legs, the ankles are on the ball.

Exercise: Lift the hips, keep the weight on your shoulder blades and legs. Bend your knees, pull the ball as close as you can, pressing the back thigh. Wait a moment and return to PI.

Strength training at home to lose weight, chest muscles


Effective exercises to strengthen chest muscles.

Lie on your back with a low pillow under it. Bend your legs at the knees, press your feet to the floor. In the hands of a dumbbell weighing up to 4 kg, hands evenly, spread out side by side.

Execution: lift the arm straight to eye level, lower slowly. Do 3 sets 10 times.

Push-up, simple attitude

The main pectoral muscle, delta with triceps and part of the buttocks is included in the work.

Lying on the floor, press on the arms and legs straight, body evenly. Shoulder width brush.


  • Bend your elbows, lower as much as possible with an even body. Do not highlight the elbows, place on the body.
  • Straighten the chest and triceps, straighten the arms and straighten to the starting position.

If training becomes difficult, start with knee movements. At the same time, the legs are linked to each other.

Strength training to lose weight at home

Biceps Curl

While standing, hold the barbell (body bar) in front of you with your arms outstretched. Turn the palms forward, the elbows should be close to the trunk.

Execution: without lifting the elbow from the trunk, lift the barbell as much as possible to shoulder level. As you exhale, slowly lower the barbell to the PI.

Shoulders: Lift the Dumbbell Standing

Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your arms with a dumbbell at the elbows and press to the body.


  1. As you exhale, lift the dumbbell in front of you to shoulder level, hold it for a moment, and slowly lower it while inhaling.
  2. As you exhale, lift the dumbbell across to shoulder level, hold it for a moment, slowly lower it. Keep alternating.

When lifting a dumbbell, do not let it swing or rotate.

Triceps Seated Dumbbell Raises

Sit on a bench or chair, lower your chest to your knees and your back straight so that it is parallel to the floor. With your left hand, hold the leg of a chair or bench, and with your right hand take a dumbbell and press your elbow to the body. Lower the palm with the dumbbell vertically until a 90-degree angle is obtained.

Exercise: pressing the elbow to the body, while you exhale, lift the dumbbell until the right arm is fully extended. While inhaling, slowly lower your hands to the PI. Repeat with the left hand.

After a few exercises, you will be able to exercise for both arms at once.

Abdominal strength training

Press Down, Pass

Sit on the floor, then move your body backwards and lean on your forearms (elbows behind, fingers pointing towards feet). The right knee and ankle are bent in a passé position, and the left foot is raised 45 degrees off the floor.

Exercise: bring the right knee to the chest smoothly, without changing the position of the left foot and ankle. Hold for a while, return to starting position. Repeat 8 times for left and right legs.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, stabilizing the hip joint. To make weight loss difficult at home, increase your rate.

Horizontal, internal and external oblique muscles transverse and transverse

Lying on the floor, extend your arms over your head and lift your legs at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

Exercise: inhale, lift head and shoulders off the floor, strive for ribs to hip joint, exhale at highest point. Both feet in the air, arms parallel to the feet. Breath is even. Hold for 4 counts, inhale, and as you exhale, slowly descend to the starting position.

This is a type of breathing exercise with the activation of all abdominal muscles.

Oblique stomach

You need a fitball or a regular ball.

This exercise, like normal cramps, works on oblique muscles.

Lie on your back, stretch your arms to the side and press firmly to the floor, palms down. Place the fitball between your legs and lift 90 degrees to the body, slightly bending your knees.

Execution: slowly lower the right foot to the floor parallel to the arm, without releasing the ball, slowly return to the starting position. Repeat with the left foot.

Holding a gymnastic ball between the raised legs expands the lower press

Rectus abdominis, press up and down, accordion exercises

During movement, the body is folded like a harmonious feather. This is a very effective exercise for weight loss at home.

Lie on your back, both arms behind your head, legs extended, heels raised 6-10 centimeters off the floor, socks extended.

Exercises: Tighten the abdomen, bend and lift the knees to the chest, lift the hips and upper body to the shoulder blades. Do 3 sets 8 times.

The number of repetitions of exercise varies depending on physical fitness.

The combination of cardio and strength training is called interval training and can reduce the weight loss time in your home to 10-30 minutes.

"Metabolic effects" in 10 minutes

Session in terms of energy expenditure is comparable to "pure" aerobic exercise for 150 minutes. With a program like this, you can lose weight and improve your well-being. Exercise at the maximum rate alternates with recovery - walking or jogging in place for 15-45 seconds.

Before starting exercise to lose weight quickly at home - warming up 6 minutes, and after training - stretching 5 minutes.

Rocket Jump

Set feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the knees, hands on thigh muscles.

Execution: jump, "throw" the arm straight up through the front. Landing gently at PI. Do 2 repetitions 15-24 times.

To make exercise harder, lift the dumbbell and squat below.

Star Jump

Legs shoulder-width apart, knees bent, arms straight at sides.

Execution: jumping, raising hands straight from side to shoulder. Landing gently at PI. The back is always straight.

Do 2 repetitions 15-24 times.


Legs shoulder-width apart, hands at hips, or extended forward.

Execution: sitting up to the knees forming a right angle. The back is straight, the knees do not exceed the level of the toes.

Complete exercises with body bars or dumbbells.


Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms straight, by your side.

Execution: place the right foot as far back as possible, while bending the left to the knee until a right angle is formed. The heel of the supporter's foot did not fall off the floor. Return to IP. Repeat with the left foot.

Do 2 repetitions 15-24 times.

Complications: jump jump with dumbbell in hand.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

Implementation Techniques:

  1. Squat with your hands on the floor.
  2. Straighten your legs to the board.
  3. Jump back to the squat and jump up, arms outstretched.

For a light burpee, instead of jumping, just stand.

Burpee is a multi-joint exercise that involves several muscle groups at once. The most loaded muscles are the legs (hamstrings, glutes and calves), and the load also falls on the chest, triceps and shoulders. There is almost no muscle that is not exposed to the burpee.

If there is a rope, it is permissible to replace one of the exercises listed below with a jump rope for 60 seconds, or complete it with exercises.

After metabolic training, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It is also not recommended to be eaten within 2 hours after class.

Fitness ball training for beginners

People without preparation are not advised to start intensive classes immediately. If you have exercised regularly before, but have long paused between classes, you need to start with recovery and strengthening of the muscle corset. For this, a weight loss exercise program at home is ideal. Strength training increases muscle density, stamina, reduces the risk of injury and prepares the body for increased stress.

An effective exercise for weight loss at home - with a fitness ball (fitball). Beginners start with two sets of 10-15 reps, the optimum level is 2 to 3 sets of 20 reps. It is better to do fewer repetitions than to do wrong exercises over and over again.

Fitball gently kneads the spine, preparing it for an energy load

Back Exercise

Thorax department, class for the prevention of osteochondrosis

Lie on a fitball ball with your stomach down and place your feet on the wall to stabilize. Place your hands along your torso, palms up.


  1. Lift your upper body while turning your palms to the floor and pressing your shoulder blades. Do not bend your back.
  2. Slowly go down and back to PI.

Lumbar region

Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched, attach the rubber straps to your feet, lean forward, creating some tension on the straps.


  1. Lean 110 degrees, pull the arm to the chest and press the shoulder blade.
  2. Please wait.
  3. Slow back to PI.

Loin and Abs

Kneel behind the fitball ball, place your elbows on the ball. Lean forward until your stomach is on the ball.


  1. At the elbow, slowly roll the ball forward 5 centimeters.
  2. Slow back to PI.

To increase difficulty, the knees should be fully straightened during exercise until the head, shoulders, hips and legs form a straight line.

Stomach Exercise

Oblique stomach

Near the wall, sit on a ball fit with your right hip, stretching your right leg forward, and pushing your left leg backwards. Place your feet on the wall for stability and hold your hands behind your head.


With a straight back, lower the body with a fitball ball and lift to a new position. Run smoothly, repeat 15 times on each side.

Rectus and oblique abdomen

Lie on a fitball ball, stretch your lower back, and let your feet be pressed to the floor with confident emphasis. Place your hands on your temples.


Lift the body upwards, stretching with the right elbow toward the left knee. Lower to starting position. Repeat alternately with left and right hands.

Press Up

Lie on the floor on your back, legs straight, press the ball between your legs and lift at a 45-degree angle. Hands straight, towards the ball.


Lift the shoulder blade off the floor and touch the ball with your fingertips. Slowly lower the body to the IP.

This set of exercises improves coordination and calms your muscles, preparing you for more challenging workouts.

Body shaping exercises

The body shape of a sand watch is considered ideal for a female figure, when the volume of the chest and hips are the same, with a narrow waist. But not everyone has that shape. There are 4 more shapes: pear, apple, rectangle and inverted triangle. It is not enough for this type of woman to lose weight, they are trying to get the ideal shape. For this purpose, the formation is done at home - slimming classes according to individual programs, taking into account the type of picture.

Shaping a "pear" woman

Full hips, "heavy", narrow waist and nice shoulders - like a "pear" or "triangular" shape. A common problem for these women is the appearance of cellulite in the thighs. In this case, a home slimming exercise program for girls has two purposes: to tighten the thigh muscles, lose their volume, and build mass in the chest and shoulders.

Training Principles:

  1. Lots of lungs and squats.
  2. Forward swing.
  3. Lifting a Dumbbell.
  4. Aerobic exercise.

Focus on the quadriceps, glutes, shoulders and triceps. On foot 12 repetitions of exercise, on the arm - 8.

While correcting the "pear", do not swing the abductor muscles. Side swings and side steps are not for you!

Week number Total squats
1 approach 2 approaches 3 approaches 4 approaches 5 approaches Total Squats
1 8 10 8 8 640
2 10 12 10 10 850
3 10 15 12 12 1059
4 15 15 15 15 1272
5 15 20 18 16 1282
6 15 20 20 20 1590

Exercises for apple shape

Usually with medium height, with narrow hips and wide waist. It is at this waist that "apple" women quickly accumulate fat storage. Legs and arms are often skinny and graceful.

Training Directions:

  1. Cardio load (treadmill, stepper, walking, jumping).
  2. Exercises to reduce the waist (hula-hoop rotation, use of gymnastic discs, pump presses).
  3. Force on the legs (to visually align the lower body with the upper body).

Do not bend sideways or use exercise bikes or orbital tracks.

Training rules: planning a regime

There are many systems for training at home. Interval training works well for weight loss, but there are other approaches.

Effective split program sessions, designed for strength training three days a week with alternating exercises for different muscle groups. On days without strength training, aerobic exercise.


  • Monday is a run.
  • Tuesday - legs and abs.
  • Wednesday - walk and jump rope.
  • Thursday - back and arms.
  • Friday - swimming.
  • Saturday - chest and legs.
  • Sunday is a holiday.

This is just a general example, because the split system is chosen individually for everyone.

Elliptical trainers improve cardiovascular function

How not to lose incentives to exercise at home?

Unfortunately, the motivation to exercise at home to lose weight tends to decrease because there are other activities at home.

The basic advice to be given in this situation is quite simple: Build a positive activity addiction. Then you will be drawn with "terrible strength" for training.

Create a Plan

The important thing here is to plan your home workout in the same way you do in the gym. Schedule the same time regularly, write a plan and schedule 3 weeks in advance. After overcoming these three weeks, you will enter the regime and not think of losing training.

Change training

Also add your various weight loss exercises at home by switching and alternating exercises. Limited accessory equipment does not mean monotonous - do different exercises with the same equipment. Use the tools you have at home - even pins or towels can work for many exercises.

Make weight loss a game!

You can not ignore the elements of competition, connect your family or friends for training and measure the amount at the same time. At first, this prompted me to win in measurements, and after a few weeks of regular classes - a long-awaited change.

The goal of weight loss training at home is to lose weight, be fit and improve health. To do this, listen to your body. Exercise should be done to the maximum, but not "worn. " Do only the appropriate exercises, adhere to the schedule. With each exercise, your heart, lungs, joints, muscles, tendons and bones become stronger. Fat melts and you lose weight, even if it is not visually visible.