Reviews about Bentolit

  • Nathalie
    I tried different diets, exercised. The result is minimal, quickly gaining weight. Six months ago I turned to a nutritionist. After reviewing my history, my doctor recommended bentolite. In two months I have lost 30 kg! Now I drink bentolite to maintain my figure once a month for a week. Stable weight 60 kg - I'm happy!
  • Nicolas
    As I got older, I gained a lot of weight. I also don’t like going to the gym and dieting - not even for me. So I started searching on the Internet for other methods to lose weight. I reviewed various product reviews and decided to try bentolite drinks. The choice is not inconvenient. The results satisfied me completely. It's been a month since I lost 25 kg.
  • Sylvie
    I myself am very slim, no matter how much I eat, I never gain weight. I bought bentolite for my husband. Unfortunately, he tends to be overweight. For the first time, this drink helped him lose 30 kg. I take it twice a day for a month. Now only on weekends, once in the evening. The weight remains the same, the husband does not gain weight. He started to feel better, and I was happy too).
  • Monique
    Good weight loss aid. For two weeks of admission, it helps to lose extra weight before marriage. It is easy to drink - the drink is prepared quickly, just like regular instant coffee. I was surprised because it didn’t taste disgusting, but instead was very pleasant, with a cappuccino flavor and a light cinnamon aroma. I am not disappointed, I am happy with the purchase!
  • Christine
    Take bentolite for a month, once a day at night. As a result, I lost 17 kg under normal circumstances. I am happier with the results. I look slim and attractive unlike before! Drinks are prepared quickly and deliciously. Recommend.
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