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Bentolite is an innovative weight loss method. Up to -30 kg in one month. The price of the original product is 49€.

How to buy Bentolite drinks in France through the official website:

  1. Fill in your information in the order form, showing your name and phone number
  2. Wait for feedback from company managers
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After 2-7 days you can take the package with your drink and start your transformation process. This quick slimming drink based on bentonite clay will help lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Nutritionist-endocrinologist Daniel Doctor Daniel
20 years
Personal practices and statistics in France show how many of us are overweight. More than half of the population is over 18 years old. In most cases, I prescribe Bentolit for weight loss. This drink has no contraindications, does not cause side effects. Suppresses increased appetite, increases metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. For 2-4 weeks daily intake, helps to lose weight quickly 15 to 30 kg without additional physical activity and diet. Has the same effectiveness for both women and men. Recommend.
natural remedy for losing 20-30 kg in a month - Bentolite Drink

Innovative methods for weight loss! Find Bentonite Clay Fast Slimming Drinks. In parallel, it acts as an absorbent agent - it removes toxins and heavy metals from the body. Does not cause addiction, allergic reactions, does not harm the body. In a month of intake helps to lose excess weight 20-30 kg!

Bentolit has been awarded the EAC (Eurasian Conformity Mark) mark, has passed tests and clinical studies. The beverage manufacturer obtained patents and other permits for the retail sale rights in France (the price of the original beverage nationwide is 49€ (see the price in other countries)).

Bentolite is available as a beverage powder. One package (100 g) is enough for a weekly administration course, taking into account daily use once a day. Each package includes instructions on how to use it, with detailed information about the product and its manufacturer.

Who is Bentolite slimming drink for:

Also, Bentolit slimming drink is an ideal solution for many people who find it difficult to exercise and a strict diet. Including women and men during menopause, when the body quickly adds weight, and lose weight against the background of hormonal changes in the body is very difficult.

Important to know! To get the most positive results, it is important to prepare Bentolit drinks properly, observe the required dosage and do not interfere with the course of administration.

Bentonite clay for weight loss - properties and results of use

slimming drink with Bentolite natural bentonite clay

First and foremost, bentonite clay blocks increase appetite and help eliminate the habit of constantly chewing. It has antibacterial effects, destroys microbes, improves the microflora of the stomach. In addition, one of the most important advantages of this material is its ability to absorb, it cleans the body of heavy metals (eg zinc, mercury, aluminum), toxins and other toxins. Scientists have long proven and agreed that the excess of these harmful substances is one of the leading causes of overweight. Assistant with bentonite clay:

The benefits of bentonite clay are almost unimaginable. As the main component and main active ingredient in Bentolite powder, each drink has a similar healing effect on the body.

Additional composition of Bentolite herbal drink:

Use of Bentolite - how it works and encourages weight loss

Drinks made from natural bentonite clay combined with additional plant components, have a general healing effect on the body, where weight is rapidly reduced. Already after the first use, Bentolit drink reduces appetite, normalizes metabolism and improves digestion. Therefore, with regular daily use, new fat cells do not have time to store, and depleted cells are used as fuel. It should be noted that there is no feeling of weakness. Soy protein and oat fiber included in the composition fills the body with the energy needed for normal life. It is also very important that after the admission period expires, the risk of weight gain back is reduced to a maximum. This is due to the fact that during the intake the body is cleansed of harmful substances that stimulate the desire to eat. And also - the way of eating has been set and the habit of always chewing is eliminated. To prevent the occurrence of excess weight, it is permissible to use Bentolite drink as prophylaxis (for a week every 1-2 months, depending on the amount of snacks eaten).

Bentolit slimming drinks - application results

Clinical Test Results and User Reviews

Scientists who developed Bentolite drinks conducted clinical trials showing the following results *:


Increases metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and other harmful substances


Reduce appetite for up to 6 hours, eliminate the habit of always snacking


Weight 15 kg in two weeks and 30 kg in one month of intake

* Women and men aged 18 to 55 participate in this test, which is divided into several groups depending on gender and age. The table shows the average values ​​of the participants in all groups.

Consumer reviews confirm that regular consumption of beverages cures the whole body, improves overall well-being, contributes effectively to weight loss, the nature of the drink stated by the manufacturer is true.

Please note that you can purchase slimming drinks with Bentolite bentonite clay only through the official website. Beware of counterfeiting.

How to order real Bentolite in our country (France):

As a result, in 2-7 days you will be able to take Bentolite drink and start to lose weight quickly, changing your body from the inside out.

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