What exercises are effective for weight loss on the abdomen and sides at home

exercises to slim the abdomen and sides

Everyone loves a beautiful, slim body. We always envy a handsome man with an athletic figure. Do not blame all genetics. Man created his own body!

This article describes the most popular and effective exercises for weight loss on the abdomen and sides.

Anatomical features of the anterior abdominal surface muscles

Before continuing with exercise, you need to know the main anatomical features and functions of muscle groups in the abdomen and sides. The rectal muscle is located along the white line of the abdomen.

This muscle is responsible for the cube of the valued abs. On the side of the rectus abdominis muscle, the external and internal oblique muscles lie on top of each other. It is the study of these muscles that will reduce the waist and eliminate unnecessary "ears" on the jeans.

Important to know!

Any exercise should start with warming up and warming up your body. This will speed up the body's metabolism (metabolism) and prepare the muscles for exercise.

Warming up is very important because it prevents injury. You just have to spend a few minutes and do:

  1. Mac in one place, lifting thighs as high as 45-60 seconds. It is better to do it at the maximum rate.
  2. Jogging in place for 1-2 minutes. A slow running simulation will speed up blood circulation throughout the body.
  3. Swing your hands in front of you until you feel a burning sensation heating up on your shoulders.

Exercise to slim your stomach

Everyone used to pump their abs and dream of dice. It saddens us, it must be remembered that not all exercises are equally effective. Each training has its own place in the training program and its own speed and technique.

The mistake that can easily get your business started is to fail. This is wrong, because sometimes the most modest and well-known exercises have a better effect than the two new ones.

physical activity to slim the abdomen

So, here are the exercises that need to be done to lose weight in the abdomen:

  1. Turn the torso to the floor.Lying on your back, place your hands behind your head. Lift your legs into the air and bend at the knees. In this case, the hips should be vertical. As you exhale, lift your elbows to the opposite knee alternately 12-17 times. This exercise involves the lateral abdominal muscles.
  2. Body rotation.Lie on your back, bend your legs. Hands behind head. While exhaling, tear the shoulder blades off the floor while maintaining the elbow position to the side. Lift the shoulder blades by rounding the back. Repeat 15-17. Then hold the torso in a bent position for 20-25 seconds. These supplements will enhance the effects of exercise and speed up the weight loss process.
  3. The top and curls of the trunk on the bench.To do this exercise, you need a bench or chair. Lying on your back, place your dry bones in a chair. In this position, the knee should point upwards. Hands behind head, elbows pointing to sides. Lift your shoulder blades off the floor, making sure your elbows are in position. After 20-30 repetitions, we continued the exercise by rotating, touching the left knee with the right elbow and the right alternately with the left elbow.
  4. Raise your legs on the bench.This exercise involves the lower rectus abdominis muscle (lower cube). To begin this exercise, sit on the edge of a chair or bench. Put your hands behind your back. Place your feet straight in front of the floor. Lift your legs, bend at the knee joints, trying to reach with the knees to the shoulder joints.

A set of exercises to slim the abdomen, sides, hips and back

Effective exercises for weight loss on the abdomen, sides and legs look like this:

a set of exercises for weight loss
  1. Lizard.Exercises using the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks and, to some extent, the arms. Sit on the floor, hands behind. Raise your back as high as possible on the floor, bent at the back. In this case, the head is thrown backwards. Keep your legs straight. To facilitate exercise, you can keep your hands away from your back, but keep in mind that the closer the hand gets to the back, the more tense the muscles.
  2. Scissors.Sit on the floor with your back straight. Hands resting on the back. Lift your feet 45 degrees on the floor. Hold for 10 seconds. Then, without lowering your legs, stretch and lower them for 15-25 seconds. It is recommended to do exercises with the back in a slightly inclined back position. This will put maximum pressure on the problematic abdominal and hip muscles. The lower the back tilt and the smaller the angle between the floor and the feet, the higher the training difficulty.
  3. Raise the knees to the supine position.Exercises involve the muscles of the trunk and lower legs. Stand in a supine position (standing as in push-up exercises), back straight, lift each knee alternately to the abdomen as high as possible, first striving for the same shoulder for maximum repetition. Then to the opposite shoulder, the maximum number of repetitions.

Training with sports equipment is considered more effective and more interesting to do.

Hula hoop classes are suitable for girls of all ages. They are very easy to implement and quite effective even at home.

No need to buy expensive gym equipment to train the muscles of the trunk and hips. It is enough to buy a gymnastic loop or hula hoop and do the systematic exercises below.

exercises to slim the abdomen and sides
  1. Slope.Basic exercises that activate the oblique muscles of the abdomen, outer tooth muscles and intercostal muscles. Systematic training of these muscle groups will significantly reduce the waistline and make the figure figure more athletic. The forward bend should be done with a flat back. This will tighten the muscles along the spine, which is responsible for maintaining a consistent posture. Execution: standing on the floor. Feet slightly apart. The straight arm holds the hula hoop over the head. Trying not to move the pelvis, we did a bend in all 4 directions. 12-17 repetition in two directions.
  2. Turn.This exercise emphasizes the load on the oblique internal and external abdominal muscles. Since you have to hold the pelvis without moving, the back and hip muscles are turned on. Place your feet wide. The hand holds the hula hoop in front of the chest. Without moving the pelvis, at expense 1 we turn to the right with a loop, at expense 2 - to the starting position. We are not in favor. First, do 13 repetitions in one direction, then the same amount in the other direction.
  3. Swing your legs.This exercise uses the maximum number of muscle groups: back muscles, legs, arms, abdomen. Execution: standing on the floor. The hand at the top holds the hula-hoop. Trying to keep the back from moving, we swing the legs 60-90 degrees forward, sideways, backward. Alternate kicks for 12-22 repetitions in both directions.

The next exercise is with dumbbells (at home, dumbbells can be replaced with the desired weight object).

Squats are the best exercise for loading the glutes and thighs. Take the dumbbell in your hand. From a standing position, step forward with your right foot. And we sit until the left knee touches the floor, and the angle at the knee joint of the right foot is at least 90 degrees (this is a safe angle when loading the knee joint). We repeated the turn for both legs 13 times.

exercise with the ball to slim the stomach

Next, we start with the ball. The best exercise with the ball, which trains all the muscle groups of our body, is "Aircraft on the ball".

The muscles of the back, abdomen and buttocks receive a large load during this exercise. This will improve your body tone and definitely improve your mood, as boring is definitely not an exercise.

Aircraft on the Ball: Place the ball on a flat surface. Lie with your stomach on the ball, your hands and feet on the floor.

When in a comfortable position, try to lift your arms and legs off the floor at the same time. In this case, it is important that the whole body and limbs are at the same level. We hold this position for about 30 seconds.

Breathing exercises for weight loss at home

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing(abdominal breathing) is a preparatory exercise for the next step. It prepares your muscles for stress and prevents seizures from too much energy. Fulfillment: while inhaling, you exhale your stomach, while exhaling, you pull your stomach into yourself, expelling air from the body.
  2. Vacuumis ​​a versatile exercise to increase the firmness of your figure, as well as reduce the waist. This action can be done not only at home, but at any time at work. It is performed lying down, standing, sitting, and even in the fourth position (the hardest option). The technique is quite simple. We take the desired position. We inhale and, as we exhale, we inhale our stomachs into ourselves, holding our breath for a few seconds at an early stage. Start class 1 time a day and increase the number and duration as desired.

Tips from trainers and nutritionists to lose belly weight effectively

Storing excess belly fat is always a problem for men and women of all ages. Excess calories are immediately stored there for a number of reasons.

exercise exercises to slim the abdomen and sides

To keep your appearance and look attractive for spring-summer, you should start training at least 4-6 months in advance. Our body cannot lose weight specifically in certain areas.

We lose extra pounds gradually and evenly from all parts of the body. Therefore, your exercise should include strength and aerobic exercise for the whole body.

And at the end of the exercise, do the exercises targeted to the problem areas. Exercise is best done several times a week for an hour and a half.

Try changing your diet to improve the effects of your exercise. 2 hours before exercise, it is better to eat complex carbohydrates (boiled cereals), and protein foods (boiled meats, eggs) 90 minutes after exercise.

Drink more plain water, during and outside of your workout. Reduce your intake of flour and sugary foods.

Try to avoid soda and sugary drinks. Transfer your main meal to the morning.

You Can Lose Weight! If you really want it, luck will always be with you. Love yourself and others will fall in love with you too!