essence and principles of Dukan diet for weight loss

The Ducan Diet is a modern weight loss technique based on high protein food intake. The use of this nutritional system makes it possible not only to prevent weight gain, but also to lose excess weight 1. 5 to 50 kg.

Currently, one of the most effective ways to overcome the hated kilograms is Dr. diet. Ducan, which, unlike the mono diet, has a varied diet and is ideal for food lovers.

General information

The principle of the Ducan Diet is based on the intake of easily absorbed protein products in the body, which contributes to rapid weight loss. In addition, in the process of losing weight, the gastrointestinal tract is cleansed of toxins and toxins accumulated, as well as metabolism is improved. The basic products of this method are bran, vegetables, low-fat fish, lean meats (chicken, turkey).

If it is necessary to lose 2-4 kg, a special 7-day Express Dukan diet has been developed, which is designed to speed up metabolism to get the desired effect quickly. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to increase its duration independently, as this can pose a serious danger to health. With an overweight of 5-10 kg, you should observe the Dukan diet for a month, which involves gradual weight loss while observing proper diet and exercise.

To increase the effectiveness of weight loss, while following the Ducan diet, the following conditions must be observed:

  • do daily exercise every day, walking for at least 20 minutes;
  • increase the use of clean water to 2 liters per day;
  • include oat bran in the daily diet, while the amount directly depends on the level of diet.

According to studies, the effectiveness of losing weight using this technique has been proven by professionals. As a rule, excessive weight loss varies from 0, 5 to 30 kg or more, while in 83, 3% of cases, 6-12 months after the end of the protein diet, weight stabilization occurs.

The duration of the diet directly depends on the excess weight and individual characteristics of the organism.

Depending on the type of material used, the protein method is of the following types:

  • Ducan Meat Diet;
  • vegetarian.

The dietary method developed along the ducan consists of four phases:

  • "Attack";
  • Alternatives or Navigation;
  • "Consolidation" or "Combination";
  • "Stabilization".

Each level has its own menu, timeline, list of prohibited and acceptable products.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Diet Dukan involves the exclusive use of natural beneficial ingredients that enrich the body with essential vitamins and minerals. However, such a food system has some advantages and disadvantages, contraindications, which are important to consider in the process of losing weight.

Advantages of the method

  1. Weight stabilization and long-term results preservation.
  2. Security.
  3. High efficiency. Subject to diet and basic needs, weekly weight loss is from 1. 5 to 6 kg.
  4. There are no restrictions on the amount of food eaten and at meal time.
  5. Significant weight loss from the first days.
  6. A diverse list of products, the use of which allows you to not only lose weight quickly, but also to complete delicious culinary masterpieces without damaging your figure.

The Ducan protein diet does not include the possibility of using special chemical additives for weight loss, which has a detrimental effect on the body.

Lack of protein diet

  1. Limited fat intake. At the same time, their body deficiency can lead to deterioration of the skin condition, the development of atherosclerosis, disorders of cholesterol metabolism, inhibition of reproductive function, deterioration of the nervous system.
  2. Imbalance in diet, the need to take vitamin and mineral complexes throughout the weight loss period.
  3. The complexity of an organism to get used to a new diet, as a result, one's working ability decreases, and fatigue increases.

The Ducan Diet, without fail, involves daily oat bran intake.

Expert opinions and contraindications

By considering the doctor's feedback, the advantages of Dr. Ducan is:

  • a carefully planned nutritional ladder, namely the “improvement” and “stabilization” phases, which help maintain weight loss indicators;
  • low program aggression, because of this, in the process of passing this technique, a person experiences minimal psychological stress;
  • requirements for physical activity;
  • absence of time "X", after which it is forbidden to eat.

Disadvantages of diet include inadequate dietary balance, consequently, decreased immunity.

While there are advantages to this technique and positive feedback from those who lose weight, the Ducan scheme is contraindicated for people with the following diseases:

  • kidney failure;
  • hidronephrosis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • hypertension;
  • gout;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • intestinal dysfunction;
  • pielonefritis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • Gallstone disease.

In addition, the ducan diet is highly undesirable to use in adolescents or people whose work is associated with increased mental work and concentration (e. g. , doctors, drivers).

Before starting to lose weight, you should determine the optimal weight, based on physical characteristics, gender, age, height, and even the level of daily activity.

Phase # 1 - "Attack"

The first stage of protein weight loss is characterized by rapid weight loss and significant volume loss. Among these four phases, the "Attack" stage has the most stringent requirements, which must be met perfectly, because during this period is determined the total loss of excess weight in the entire Ducan diet.

"Attack" is a strong body load with protein, which helps change metabolism and get rid of body fat quickly. In this phase, it is allowed to include unlimited protein products in the diet. At the same time, it is important to grill all the dishes on the grill or steam them, without using fat, which allows excluding the use of high-calorie foods from the menu.

The first phase prohibits the intake of plant foods, restricting the use of salt and seasonings in the cooking process. The beginner's diet allows the consumption of pureed meat, seafood, fish, raw and boiled eggs, low-fat sour milk products.

A mandatory condition for weight loss at the "Attack" stage is the use of oat bran which is ground twice at least 1. 5 tbsp. spoon a day and drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters. fluid every day.

As a rule, the level of Attack is characterized by increased fatigue, weakness, irritability, hunger attacks, bad mood and dry mouth. That is why at this stage you cannot do strenuous physical exercise; enough to limit yourself by doing light warm-ups and walking.

To prevent body fatigue during this period, it is important to include vitamins in the diet.

Weekly Attack Phase Menu

Day # 1

  • breakfast - meat, scrambled eggs, coffee or tea;
  • lunch - bran bread, ears;
  • afternoon tea - meringue or cottage cheese casserole;
  • dinner - green tea or herbs, grilled meat.

Day # 2

  • breakfast - mineral water or tea, bran pancakes;
  • lunch - boiled eggs, soups with lean meats (beef, beef);
  • afternoon tea - low-fat yogurt;
  • dinner - steamed fish or crustaceans.

Day # 3

  • breakfast - tea, fish, omelets;
  • lunch - skim milk, chicken pieces;
  • afternoon tea - yogurt or kefir, cottage cheese;
  • Dinner - lightly salted scallops or salmon.

Day 4

  • breakfast - green tea, processed cheese, bran bread;
  • lunch - soup;
  • afternoon tea - coffee, cottage cheese casserole;
  • Dinner - steamed rabbit meat, kefir.

Day # 5

  • breakfast - yogurt, two boiled eggs;
  • lunch - kefir, chicken liver or fish cake;
  • afternoon snacks - lean ham or cottage cheese, skim milk;
  • Dinner - herbal tea, duck / goose / turkey, processed cheese

Day 6

  • breakfast - scrambled eggs, coffee, two crab sticks;
  • lunch - lean chicken broth with meatballs;
  • afternoon tea - yogurt, bran;
  • Dinner - gluten (2 tbsp), green tea, seafood.

Day 7

  • breakfast - cottage cheese casserole, coffee;
  • lunch - bran bread, parsley, ears;
  • afternoon tea - light cottage cheese dessert, tea;
  • dinner - kefir milk or skim, chicken pieces.

The rations provided for ducan can be adjusted, depending on the state of health, i. e. , reduced by making a menu for 3 days. For example, you can change your diet or limit your food intake to 3 times a day. For a variety of food rations, specially developed dishes are served in a range - "recipes for the first stage".

The duration of the "Attack" phase varies in the range of 3-10 days and depends on the excess weight: up to 20 kg - 3-5 days, from 20 to 30 kg - 5-7 days, over 30 kg -7-10 days.

Phase # 2 - "Alternative" or "Cruise"

Sailing is one of the most important levels of weight loss according to the Ducan method. The essence of the level is the replacement of protein-vegetables, protein of the day. The duration of the second phase depends on the weight lost during the attack and is determined based on the following calculations: 1 kg of weight lost in the first phase corresponds to 10 days at the "Cruise" level.

If it is necessary to lose up to 10 kg, the protein scheme alternates, vegetable-protein can be 1: 1, 2: 2, 3: 3, more than 10 kg - 5: 5. In the latter case, it is important to see a doctor first, because this system has a severe effect on the body, which can lead to weight loss.

At the same time, the process of losing weight will go much slower than during the "Attack" period and then only slowly, amounting to 1 kg of weight lost per week.

The safest and most effective cruise schedule is a 1: 1 or 2: 2 distribution.

The second step is to get rid of starchy foods such as avocado, artichoke, potatoes, corn, lentils, beans, peas, as well as rice, grains and fats. It is strictly forbidden to eat mayonnaise, desserts and high-fat cakes. At the same time, raw vegetables are allowed during the cruise. If necessary, they can be treated with heat (baked, boiled).

In contrast to the first phase, where the use of protein products in unlimited quantities, the second stage involves the intake of vegetables in portions and only in quantities that can satisfy hunger.

Given the good properties of oat bran, and in particular the ability to actively bind and remove cholesterol, at the stage of replacement it is important to consume it at least 2 tbsp. spoon every day.

Example menu for 1-1 replacement level

Day # 1

  • breakfast - coffee, scrambled eggs, carrots, bran bread;
  • lunch - steamed lean beef steak, vegetable soup;
  • afternoon tea - herbal tea, syrniki;
  • dinner - fresh vegetable salad, grilled meat.

Day # 2

  • breakfast - cottage cheese casserole, kefir;
  • lunch - hodgepodge;
  • afternoon tea - coffee, sandwiches with lightly salted fish;
  • dinner - skim milk or yogurt, meat rolls.

Day # 3

  • breakfast - yogurt, scrambled eggs, bread
  • lunch - fish soup or meat / vegetable soup;
  • afternoon tea - coffee, bran pancakes;
  • dinner - raw vegetable salad, chicken pieces.

Day 4

  • breakfast - herbal tea, boiled eggs, boiled beets;
  • lunch - grilled fish, bran;
  • afternoon tea - cheesecake;
  • Dinner - meatball soup.

Day 5

  • breakfast - salmon, coffee, lightly boiled eggs;
  • lunch - "cabbage" salad, turkey;
  • afternoon tea - cottage cheese casserole, 0% kefir;
  • Dinner - processed cheese, fish with vegetables, tea.

Day 6

  • breakfast - coffee, cheesecake;
  • lunch - bran bread, ears;
  • afternoon tea - crustacean or mollusk salad;
  • dinner - grilled fish or meat.

Day 7

  • breakfast - chicken fillets, tomatoes and radish salad;
  • lunch - soup with beef balls;
  • afternoon tea - cheesecake, coffee;
  • dinner - a dish of zucchini, kefir.

Phase # 3 - "Consolidation" or "Combination"

During the third phase, the weight is stable and the effect achieved in the previous period remains the same. The duration of this level determines the number of kilograms dropped during the voyage and is determined based on the calculation that the 10 day merge level falls on 1 kg of lost weight.

The prerequisite for the "Merging" phase is consuming one "protein" a day a week, as well as a daily intake of 2. 5 tbsp. l oat bran and 1. 5 l of purified water.

List of products allowed for use during the embedding period:

  • fruits, not more than one portion a day, except bananas, grapes;
  • low-fat cheese, up to 40 g;
  • bread, 2 pieces;
  • honey;
  • spices;
  • beans, peas, lentils;
  • rice, corn;
  • potatoes;
  • pasta.

In addition, every day is allowed to use vegetables from the second phase and protein foods from the first, in any combination, but in moderation. Maximum serving size is not more than 220 g.

The main feature of the "Consolidation" level is the ability to eat any food once or twice a week for dinner.

There are two important rules to follow:

  • eat no more than one portion of the first and second course of dessert;
  • The interval between festive meals must be at least 2 days.

7-day menu for the "Consolidation" phase

Day # 1

  • breakfast - tea, cheesecake;
  • lunch - whole wheat bread, ears;
  • afternoon tea - rhubarb;
  • dinner - boiled potatoes or porridge, chicken pieces.

Day # 2

  • breakfast - coffee, casserole with berries;
  • lunch - bran bread, hodgepodge;
  • afternoon tea - cheesecake;
  • dinner - vegetable salad, chicken fillet.

Day # 3

  • breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt;
  • lunch - fish soup, low-fat boiled fish;
  • afternoon tea - vegetable mousse;
  • dinner - kefir, beef.

Day 4 (day menu from Attack level)

  • breakfast - scrambled eggs, coffee, zucchini;
  • lunch - lean chicken broth with meatballs;
  • afternoon tea - yogurt, bran;
  • dinner - green tea, seafood.

Day # 5

  • breakfast - coffee, sandwiches with lean ham;
  • lunch - salads, steamed beef cuts;
  • afternoon tea - berries;
  • dinner - frunchoza, grilled fish.

Day 6

  • breakfast - cottage cheese, kefir, bran bread;
  • lunch - hodgepodge, salad;
  • afternoon tea - cheesecake;
  • dinner - vegetable stew, rice

Day 7

  • breakfast - sandwich with light salted salmon, green tea;
  • lunch - fish with vegetables;
  • afternoon tea - goji berries;
  • dinner - salad, turkey.

It is possible to make adjustments to the above diet, taking into account allowed and forbidden foods, while at the level of "Consolidation" it is important to ensure that one day a week is a strict protein.

Phase 4 - Stabilization

The final stage of the Ducan diet is the "Stabilization" stage, which provides the diet for life.

  1. Air. Intake of non-carbonated liquid daily at least 1. 5 liters.
  2. Sports. To maintain muscle shape and tone, you should exercise every morning, walk for 0, 5-2 hours, walk at least 10, 000 steps a day.
  3. oat bran, must be added to food in the amount of 3 tbsp. spoon / day.
  4. Protein day. Every 7 days, food should be arranged according to the principles of the first phase.
  5. A balanced diet. Make sure you take a slice of cheese, two starchy foods, two slices of bread, vegetables, fruits and high protein ingredients daily.
  6. Simplicity in food intake.
  7. Limit fish intake, but replace with other seafood.
  8. Avoid stressful situations.

Adherence to these rules will make it possible to stabilize and maintain results within certain limits, obtained as a result of three stages.

Diet Fraction

If there is a violation of proper diet according to the concept of Ducan, the following steps should be taken to restore the weight loss program without reducing its effectiveness:

  • make protein the next two days;
  • increases the duration of the "failed" phase by a few days;
  • limit salt intake;
  • increase your daily fluid intake: water - up to 2 liters, green tea - 2 cups;
  • runs for an hour during this period;
  • increases sleep duration.

Adhering to the above factors will make the damage less painful, reduce the effects of dietary deviations and do not endanger your health.

Dukan Vegetable Method

If not using meat products, a special weight loss system has been developed - the Ducan diet for vegetarians, which involves the replacement of animal protein with protein. In fact, this technique differs from the "standard" concept by not including fish, meat, entrails, sausages and seafood from the menu.

During the "Attack" period, it is recommended to focus on: cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, low-fat cheese, tofu, okaru, soy meat, 0% milk. At the "Cruise" stage - for mushrooms, pumpkins, spinach, broccoli, beans, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, peppers and lactic acid products. At the "Improvement" stage, it is allowed to use all the ingredients from the first two phases, as well as some slices of bread, raisins, prunes, rice, buckwheat, oatmeal.

An important condition in the fourth phase is consuming one protein a day a week, as well as taking 4 tablespoons daily. l. oat bran, 1. 5-2 liters of water, exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a protein diet good or bad for men?

The Ducan Technique is designed for weight loss and does not depend on gender. Proper nutrition according to the scheme, daily daily sports activities will gradually lose excess weight and improve well-being, both in men and women.

What type of sweetener can I use on the Ducan diet?

Xylitol, sucralose, aspartame, stevia.

Can honey be in the Ducan diet?

It is strictly forbidden, because it is 100% sugar, which is not allowed to add to the protein diet during and after weight loss.

Why is the Ducan diet dangerous?

With great care, it is recommended to practice this diet for people with diabetes mellitus, because the process of sugar assimilation from some vegetables and fruits is much faster than when taken in pure form. That is why failure to take into account these factors can lead to deterioration of the patient's condition.

Constipation with Ducan diet what to do?

During the period of getting used to the new diet, problems with defecation often arise.

To eliminate unpleasant phenomena, experts recommend:

  • increase the amount of fluid consumed daily to 2 liters, while that is important for 35 minutes. drink 0. 25-0. 5 liters of water before meals;
  • contains fiber such as rhubarb kompang;
  • change diet, that is, alternate protein and vegetable-protein of the day according to a 1: 1 scheme;
  • to increase the number of sports, in particular, to focus on brisk walking and swinging the press;
  • Put paraffin oil in food.

What is COM in Ducan Diet?

The abbreviation "SOM" is often used in the protein method for weight loss, that means milk powder scheme 1. 5%.

Diet Dukan can alcohol be allowed?

The use of pure alcoholic beverages in the process of losing weight is strictly prohibited. However, it can be used in the preparation of main dishes, sauces, without closed lids (up to 3 tablespoons a day) on the stage "Cruise". This is due to the fact that during the heating period, the alcohol evaporates, leaving only a perfect aroma.

What kind of cheese can you eat on a Ducan diet?

At the "Alternative" stage, it is allowed to include in the daily diet 30 g of grated cheese with a maximum fat content of up to 6%, and during the phase of "Improving" - up to 40 g of the richest protein varieties with a fat content of 20%, up to 60d - from10%.

Can mushrooms be in the Ducan diet?

"Forest bread" is not allowed to be eaten at the "Attack" level, which is allowed during the "Alternation" and "Improvement" periods.

Can seeds be in the Ducan diet?

Due to the increase in fat and calorie content, it is recommended to exclude this product completely from the diet during weight loss. It is allowed to eat the seeds in moderation only after achieving the desired result, at the stage of "Stabilization".

How Much Weight Can You Lose Ducan Diet?

If all the strict requirements are met, this technique will help to lose weight from 5 to 50 kg or more. You can confirm this by looking at reviews and results with photos of people losing weight.

Can you eat bread on a Ducan diet?

Bread diet with oat bran is allowed.

Can Ducan Diet Corn?

Due to the high content of the essence, it is strictly forbidden to use this product during weight loss. Consumption of corn in limited quantities is allowed at the "Stabilization" level.

Can I Have Ducan Diet Chicken Soup?

Yes, starting from the first phase, provided it is made from the waist.

Ducan technique in "special" cases

Often in the process of pregnancy and child feeding, a woman accumulates kilograms, which are necessary for the full development of the baby. Optimal weight gain is directly related to pre-pregnancy weight gain and, as a rule, ranges from 5 to 20 kg. However, there are cases when the "acquisition" of extra pounds occurs at an accelerated rate, which leads to excessive maternal obesity and contributes to the risk of giving birth to an unhealthy baby, as well as the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.

Ducan Diet for Pregnant Women

  1. Eliminate sweets and baked goods from food, which provide "empty" calories and cause constipation.
  2. The weekly starchy food rate is two servings.
  3. Daily consumption of fruits and berries, except bananas, cherries, grapes, in two parts
  4. Replace "protein" Thursday with "protein".
  5. Add lactic acid and milk products to a 2% diet.
  6. The possibility of one-time reception of your favorite meal in a limited amount once a week, called a "party".

The best option for pregnant women is to eat five times a day, with a break of 3-3, 5 hours. However, due to the individual characteristics of the body, whether such a diet is suitable for women, it is necessary to look at its well-being individually.

Estimated menu for breastfeeding mothers and during pregnancy:

  • breakfast - green tea, whole wheat bread, ham omelette;
  • second breakfast - berries or fruit;
  • lunch - grilled lean meats, low-fat chicken broth or fish soup, salads;
  • afternoon tea - green tea, curd and berry casserole;
  • dinner - turkey fillet, pasta, vegetable stew.

The Ducan Diet for Nursing Moms includes not only proper nutrition, but also involves walking at least 20 minutes in the fresh air each day.


If you follow all the requirements of the Ducan diet, if necessary, you can lose 30 kg or more, as well as speed up metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, and improve your well-being. However, keep in mind that the "stabilization" phase lasts a lifetime, which is why during this period you should choose the menu carefully so that the lost kilograms do not come back.