Diet for the lazy

water for a lazy diet

Many of us often reject the desired weight loss simply because a variety of different problems are inherently a hindrance, but often the main obstacle is our laziness, which prevents us from continuing on to the desired goal. In addition, we lose the opportunity to get a beautiful body due to lack of time, busy work schedule, irregular unbalanced diet and difficulty in choosing products indicated by a particular diet. And many more are perishable, not withstanding the new "extreme" diet for the body.

For those who know themselves for at least one of the above reasons, there is good news, namely, a weight loss diet for the lazy. With the help of this system, you can easily lose extra weight, as well as cleanse and heal the body. It is suitable even for those who could not withstand the previous diet, and, of course, for those who want to improve their results after losing weight using other methods.

What is the essence of a lazy diet? Diet plan for the laziest

The diet for lazy people is so named not only because it will not be difficult and easy to follow, but also because it does not require any special preparations, products and a lot of time. The essence of a weight loss diet for lazy people is as follows: before eating (15-20 minutes), you must drink exactly 2 glasses of clean water, after which you can start your regular meal.

Another important rule is that during the absorption of food and 2 hours after that, it is strictly forbidden to take any liquids. Here are 2 basic dietary rules for people who are lazy on the water:

  1. Drink exactly 2 glasses of water 15-20 minutes before absorbing food.
  2. After that, do not drink or eat anything for another 2 hours.

After 2 hours, you can drink not only water, but also tea or coffee, but without any "sweet surprises" in the form of sweets, biscuits, cakes, etc. Because in this case, you will eat again, and, based on the second rule of the diet for the lazy, you need to drink water before eating, and you, as it becomes clear, do not.

Here is a diet plan for the laziest, which you just have to remember and repeat from day to day.

Breakfast: In the morning, on an empty stomach, we drink 2 glasses of purified water (mineral water is possible, but without gas), wait 15-20 minutes, after which we have breakfast with our usual food, but do not wash it off. down while eating. We waited 2 hours, while we did not eat or drink anything else.

Lunch: Drink 2 more glasses of water, wait for the time above, have lunch. There are also no restrictions on the lunch menu, except "on the third" you have to do without compote and other liquids. We also waited 2 hours, resisting the possibility of thirst.

Dinner: This time we drink 1 glass of water (but 2 maybe if there is still plenty of time before bed). After 15-20 minutes, we had dinner with foods that were not too high in calories and "heavy", excluding afternoon tea, milk, etc. for the next 2 hours.

For those who plan to arrange any snacks during the day, we note that before that it is also mandatory to drink 2 glasses of purified water, even if the amount of food taken is small (sandwiches, fruits, biscuits), but in this caseit is allowed to drink 1 glass of water instead of two.

Decisions and reviews on diets for the lazy on the water. What is the secret to losing weight?

girls drink water on a diet for lazy

Based on many good reviews about lazy diets, this weight loss system can really work well. Some weight losers report that they manage to lose 8-10 extra pounds in just 2 weeks. But what is the secret of amazing diet results for the laziest? Let's think in more detail.

First, this system does an excellent job with hunger due to the fact that 2 glasses of water before a meal fills the stomach almost a third, thus giving a relative feeling of fullness. As a result, you will not want to eat much, portions will be significantly reduced and calories will go into the body much less.

Second, a diet for the lazy on the water can overcome the frequent problem of all those who lose weight - a slow metabolism. According to studies of nutritionists, drinking water immediately before a meal increases the rate of metabolic processes several times.

And third, it’s an opportunity to replace unnecessary high -calorie drinks (tea and coffee with sugar, energy and carbonated drinks, etc. ) that you eat during the day instead of water, which is not only healthier for weight loss, butalso for the work of the body as a whole. Already on the first day after drinking 2 glasses of pure water before each meal, you will feel how the need for this drink will disappear by itself and, therefore, "empty" and sometimes "harmful" calories will not get into the body. (due to content in beverages, dyes, flavors, etc. ).

Another important advantage of a lazy weight loss diet is that the daily energy expended by our body is produced with the help of water. That is why it is so important to drink enough and move more.

It is very easy to follow this diet, as it does not require you to change your daily food choices and diet. In addition, thanks to the diet for the lazy, you will be able to lose weight in a short time and maintain the results obtained for a long time, because you can stick to it for an unlimited time. Therefore, this weight loss system is sometimes referred to as a "lifelong diet", which nutritionists recommend for long-term use.

Therefore, the diet for lazy people only at first glance seems very simple, which is why some doubt its effectiveness. That is why, if you are skeptical or skeptical about weight loss like this, you can read reviews about diet for the lazy on different forums than those who have walked the path to lose weight completely.