Weight Loss Diet 6 Interesting Petals & Detailed Weekly Menu with Recipes

The girl ate a vegetable salad on a 6 -petal diet

If the classic option for losing excess weight is a burden to you, then you can read about a simple and at the same time interesting method - a 6 -petal diet for weight loss, which is fun to follow. You will find descriptions, general principles and menus in the article.

6 petal diet: basic characteristics and principles

Of course all women who want to lose weight try to find a quick and healthy method of losing weight. Based on many surveys and statistics, Anna Johansson has developed a unique diet. He claims that a 6 petal diet allows you to lose weight quickly because of the optimal balance between mental health and diet. If you follow its basic principles correctly, then every day you can lose up to one kilogram of excess weight.

The symbolism of the diet is the flower petals, which have certain characteristics. The days of this principle are distributed as follows:

  • petal 1 - fish dish;
  • petals 2 - vegetable food;
  • petals 3 - eat chicken;
  • petals 4 - grains;
  • petals 5 - mono curd diet;
  • petals 6 - fruit -based foods.

Doctor's review

Nutritionists claim that a 6 -petal diet gives quick results because it adheres to a pre -established principle of food isolation. In addition, a person eats single component foods, so a variety of ingredients will not burden the body. As a result, the fat breakdown process becomes operational and efficient.

You will be able to quickly overcome excess weight, as in your diet will be present boring foods. While waiting for a new portion of food, the body will use its maximum reserves to digest food. That is why the petal diet for weight loss promotes weight loss.

This is the general description and principle of such a diet. If you decide to overcome excess weight, you need to radically change your regular diet. However, the result is well worth the effort, because you can become the owner of a slender figure.

Main meals included in the diet menu

The 6 -petal mono diet is based on the preparation of dishes from such products that belong to six main groups. Fish is allowed to be eaten boiled or roasted. It contains proteins that allow all major organs to function normally.

6 petal diet foods

You can prepare the vegetables included in your diet in a variety of ways. Many recipes include stews, steamed or stewed foods. You can also eat it raw. Chicken meat, as well as grains and fruits, are also eaten in any form.

If we talk about curd days, then you can drink low -fat milk. However, the amount of drink should be minimized.

If done properly, a chamomile diet will provide guaranteed results. However, don’t forget to supplement this diet with plenty of fluids. It can be herbal tea, juice, or water.

However, there are foods that are strictly forbidden to be eaten during the diet. These are sweets, canned foods, bread and butter. Remember to choose fresh, quality foods that are well processed.

6 -petal diet: menu for each day

This is a way of eating that should not cause you problems and difficulties. The diet includes simple and affordable foods that are easy to prepare. To lose weight, women should follow all the recommendations of the author of the Swedish 6-petal diet, because it is forbidden to change the mono-diet in places.

But before analyzing the menu, it is worth understanding the basic rules for observing this diet. Only then will your body become attractive.

First, the six -petal diet is about chewing food carefully. You should do this as slowly as possible to taste each bite of food.

Second, you should not drink too much water while eating. Otherwise, digestion will be slow, so you will have problems with your well -being. It is best to take fluids between meals.

Third, you need to eat regularly, but divide that portion into several small portions. Thanks to this, you can avoid too much stress on the digestive organs. Also, try to avoid snacks, as this will definitely not work with being overweight.

Now it is worth to take a closer look at the 6 -petal diet, the menu for each day may be different.

Diet day Menu
Day one: fish products On the first day of the diet, it is allowed to eat exclusively fish dishes. You can cook the product in any way, adding a minimum amount of spices and salt, but fried fish is prohibited. Nutritionists recommend preparing fish soup that does not burden the digestive organs.
Second day: vegetables This type of diet involves the intake of vegetables in any form. You can cook it in any way. Baked vegetables, such as potatoes, are allowed in any portion. You can also make a light vegetable salad to taste with a drop of olive oil.
Third day: chicken On this day, it is worth enriching your menu with foods that contain a sufficient amount of protein. This component is found in chicken. It is advisable to remove the skin from the product first, as it does not contain substances that are beneficial to the body.
Fourth day: cereals The best option is cereal porridge cooked in plain water. But you can add other foods to your diet. These are bran, cereal chips and seeds. On the fourth day of the diet, you need to consume as much water as possible.
Day five: cottage cheese Be careful when choosing the fat content of the product. The maximum rate cannot exceed 5%. Eat fermented dairy products. It is also worth drinking a few glasses of low -fat milk.
Sixth day: fruits You can decide for yourself what fruit to eat on the last day of the diet. As a liquid, you can drink freshly squeezed juice, diluting it with a little water. On the sixth day, you can cook a dish with cinnamon, as well as vanilla.

This is an exemplary 6 -petal diet menu for every day, developed by Swiss nutritionists. Experts advise, upon completion of the meal, to immediately begin the second course. However, it is better to arrange at least one day of fasting, using only mineral water without gas. This is a kind of seventh petal, which will allow you to create a harmonious and complete composition to get rid of extra pounds.

Do not think that a simple and monotonous diet can harm the body. This is a diet that is an easy and beneficial way to lose weight. Your figure will change for the better with minimal effort.

The main thing is that you do not add other products to the menu that are not on the list. Of course, the temptation to eat your favorite dish is great. But remember that this way you will not be able to lose that extra weight, because the basic principles of the six -day diet will be violated.

Useful recipes for women's weight loss

the girl prepares vegetables on a 6-petal diet

Now you know the detailed menu for the week for the 6 -petal diet, which will make it possible to overcome the extra pounds. However, what kind of dishes should be prepared? Women who appreciate this method of eating share healthy recipes for delicious meals.

First day. Roast pollock

  • the fish should be salted and add a little pepper;
  • then the product is spread on a baking sheet and baked;
  • for greater benefit, add herbs to the finished dish.

The second day. Vegetable soup with eggplant

  • cut carrots into strips, small eggplant - into cubes, two tomatoes - into small pieces;
  • two small onion heads must be carefully chopped;
  • cut basil and dill as small as possible;
  • dip vegetables in 750 ml of boiling water, boil for 20 minutes;
  • when the ingredients are ready, season with a clove of crushed garlic and salt.

The third day. Chicken breast

Peel the meat and rub with your favorite herbs. It is then wrapped with clinging foil and cooked in the oven until cooked through.

Forth day. Bar oats

  • pour the oats with hot liquid (1 cup), and wait until the slices become soft;
  • grind them in a blender so that you get a porridge of uniform consistency;
  • mix the mixture thoroughly, seasoning it with vanilla or cinnamon;
  • spread it on special paper to bake in the oven;
  • you need to cook the bar at a temperature of 160 degrees until the mixture is dry.

The fifth day. Buttermilk mousse

Place low -fat cottage cheese (500 grams) in a blender and beat for five minutes. Add 200 grams of milk (1. 5% fat), a little cinnamon and sugar substitute. Beat everything again thoroughly to get a homogeneous mass.

the sixth day. Banana and kiwi smoothie

Beat 50 ml of apple juice, banana and two kiwis in a blender. You do not need to add sugar to the drink. You will receive a delicious and very healthy fruit cocktail.

Of course, this is just a budget recipe for such a diet. You can experiment with your dishes while adhering to the basic principles of the menu. In this case, losing weight will not burden you.

How to get out of the diet without harming the body?

There are rules for getting out of the petal diet that will strengthen and maintain the results obtained. You just have to follow the basic tips and action can be taken.

Create a varied menu that contains the same foods you ate during the six -day diet. However, it is necessary to combine different dishes with each other. Increase the calorie content gradually to 1750 kcal a day, but you can’t do it too abruptly.

Follow separate food rules throughout the week. This means you cannot eat foods that contain protein and carbohydrates at the same time. This is due to the fact that it is difficult for the body to cope with the load. It is better to take a protein-carbohydrate diet as a basis, forming a diet for each day.

During and after such a diet, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Alcohol is not only high in calories, but also very harmful to the body. It does not allow fluids to leave the body, which is fraught with the appearance of extra pounds.

If suddenly your initial weight is too large, you can repeat the diet again, resting for 14 days. The body will be able to relax, as well as receive valuable reserves of trace elements.

Of course, in the first days after such a diet, it is important not to overeat. Continue to divide food into small portions to protect the digestive organs from undue stress. Also try to completely abandon all foods that are harmful to the body. Only in this case, the effects of weight loss will last even after you complete such a diet.

This is the right way out of a diet that will not harm your body. If you do everything as described above, you can lose up to 15 pounds in 14 days.

Can you combine diet with exercise?

Exercise will help you make the most of this diet. Your body will get enough protein to help build muscle and break down fat.

6 petal diet foods and sports

The complex should include exercises for different body parts. However, you don’t have to be too tense, try to squeeze all the strength out of yourself. In any case, you can get a relaxed body and elastic skin. When you overcome the extra pounds, it will not slacken. You can supplement your diet with body wraps and massages to get rid of cellulite.

Reviews about the diet of 6 petals are different, because it all depends only on the characteristics of the human body. However, the truth lies between positive and negative opinions. It is necessary to take into account the contraindications and deadlines set for compliance with such a diet, so as not to face unpleasant consequences. Only in this case, the extra pounds will quickly disappear, and the body will not receive stress.

Contraindications to the 6 -petal diet

While this is not a very strict diet, certain restrictions still exist. You should reject such a menu in such cases:

  • if you have problems with the digestive system, which is characterized by deterioration;
  • a person with kidney and liver disease should refuse the food;
  • diet is also prohibited in diabetes mellitus;
  • if you are diagnosed with anemia, do not make drastic changes to the regular menu;
  • diet is prohibited in the absence or excess of vitamins, as well as in the presence of infectious diseases;
  • if you have just had a cold or flu, take care of your body.

Remember that during pregnancy and lactation, you need a complete set of micronutrients and vitamins. That is why wait with such a diet so as not to jeopardize the stable development of the baby.

An effective 6 petal diet has attracted the interest of many girls. They managed to overcome the extra pounds and became the owners of the ideal figure. You can also appreciate the benefits of such a diet if you are willing to change your diet drastically.