Instructions for use Bentolit

Bentolite - general features and information

Release form:

beverage powder


100 g / pek

Main active ingredient:

oral bentonite clay


cinnamon-flavored cappuccino

Nutritional information (1 serving - 14 g):

protein - 4 years,

carbohydrates - 7. 5 g.

Energy value:

45 kcal / 190 kJ


under 18

Bentolite is a fast weight loss drink based on bentonite clay. Used for weight loss. Increases metabolism and normalizes the digestive tract, eliminates appetite and removes toxins and harmful metals (lead, mercury, aluminum) from the body. In addition it strengthens the immune system, improves intestinal flora. Has an antibacterial effect.

This drink is intended for use by both women and men. Does not harm the body, does not cause allergic reactions. This product is marked with the Eurasian Suit (EAC), has certificates and patents for implementation in France. Clinical studies and tests have confirmed the high quality of the beverage, and consumer reviews confirm the effectiveness and properties of the beverage declared by the manufacturer, a positive result after use.

Innovative methods for weight loss - instructions for use:

  • obesity and overweight, desire to lose weight
  • increased appetite and constant craving for snacks
  • gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc. )
  • poisoning, vomiting, need detoxification
  • diseases in the form of skin allergies (rashes, acne).

For all of the above symptoms, Bentolit can provide effective relief. Moreover, the results soon. One reception is enough. Exceptions are problems with skin rashes (in this case, you need to drink them daily for 3-7 days to get visible results), overweight or obesity. For weight loss, a course intake is required, the duration of which depends on the severity of obesity and the amount of extra pounds.

how to prepare and take bentolite slimming drinks with bentonite clay - dosage

Bentolite Drinks - how to use them to lose weight

Simple and easy application is another advantage of this slimming drink. To prepare one serving, stir two teaspoons of powder in skim milk (200 ml) or water. Shakers are recommended to mix better. Enough to drink once a day, every day. Application course:

  • up to 15 kg - in two to three weeks
  • from 15 to 30 kg - in one to two months
  • from 30 to 60 kg - admission course for 6-12 months, with a seven-day break every four weeks.

Only proper consumption of beverages guarantees positive results. Each Bentolite package contains instructions for review before use.